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Cheap Rentals
3685 Mission Boulevard,
Mission Beach

Surfboard rentals start at $5 an hour, or $15 per day for soft boards, with fiberglass models priced at $10 an hour or $20 a day. Both beginners and experienced riders use equipment such as Victoria skimboards (from $5) and Destination surf leashes. Bodyboards allow for a laid-back ride in a prone position ($12 daily for hard-bottom models). Wetsuits ($5 hour/$10 day) come in new and classic styles by rubber wizards such as O'Neill, Billabong, Ripcurl, Bodyglove, Aleeda, and others. And the fin selection includes popular lines by BZ, Churchill, and Duck Feet, priced at $4 by the hour. Long-term board rentals start at $60 for a week-long surf-fest, and accessories include shades both cheap ($10) and chic ($50 and up). Renters are required to leave a deposit and must have a valid driver's license, state identification, or military identification or passport.