How To Surf Instructions

For a few years, we offered personalized surf lessons through Surf-O-Rama SurfsCOOL but we found that MOST of the students were quite proficient at learning the basics and hey, nobody wants to have to part with a lot of money if they don’t have to!!! So, what we’ve started doing this year is this: We put an entire surf lesson into print that we’ll give you for free when you rent a surfboard from us (for as little as TEN BUCKS!!!). The detailed instruction sheets cover everything from beach conditions to paddling, to getting to your feet and surfing as well as safety tips and helpful information on surfboards, wetsuits, rip currents and more. We’ll also be happy to give you a DRY LAND LESSON showing you how to paddle your board, catch a wave and pop up to your feet. So, why pay $65.00 to $100.00 for a 90-minute lesson when you can get one for FREE from just one place in San Diego…Cheap Rentals Mission Beach!!!

We also rent and sell rashguards and wetsuits if you want them as well as everything else you’ll need for a great surfing experience so…Save some money and surf more with a FREE SURF LESSON only from Cheap Rentals Mission Beach!

San Diego Free Surf Lesson

Surf Guides

One-on-one instruction to ensure you get the time, and the attention you need to grasp the basics. Great for beginners, advanced surfers, and weekend thrill seekers.

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