Cheap Rentals offers basic bike repairs and maintenance.  Come by the shop to let us fix your flat, adjust your brakes or do a full tune up for you.  Additionally, we can help maintain your skateboard with bearing grease, new wheels, truck adjustments and even custom grip tape designs by @BoardToDeath619.

Have a ding in your surfboard? We can help!  Ding repairs ranging from 0-3 inches can be fixed in our shop starting at only $30. We can even fix bigger dings and cracks, just bring your board by the shop so we can assess the damage and give you the best price possible.

Bike Repair


Air Free
Flat Tire $12
Chain Replacement $18
Tire Replacement $20
Single Speed Tune-Up $20
Multi Speed Tune-Up $30
Wheel Truing $25

Surfboard Repair

Cleaning & Re-Waxing $20
Ding Repair (Per Inch) $30

Misc Repair

Skateboard Lube & Tune-Up $20
Skate Tune-Up & Rotation $20
Skateboard Grip Tape Replacement $20
Custom Grip Tape Designs
By: @boardtodeath619
$40 & Up
surf gear

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